The project now known as EERIE was started back in 2003. The line up featured 2 members of the legendary band MORTAL REMAINS - Misho Mihaylov and Emo Manchevski. Their former band was one of the first Doom Metal bands in Bulgaria back in the early 90s. Keeping the flame burning, EERIE succeeded to break again the cliches in what is called “Bulgarian Metal”. And this was only the beginning.

   After "Master Race", EERIE recorded their next track "Low Price" that had a sample from a speech by Martin Luther King. “Low Price” attracted the attention of Chavdar Tzachkov, the editor-in-chief of Brutallica Magazine. It was included in the CD compilation that came out with issue 10 of the magazine and it didn’t take long for their debut EP to appear. Their purpose was mostly to advertise their project, but they eventually sold hundreds of copies worldwide and attracted a legion of fans. The EP contained “Master Race” and 3 more tracks. The positive reviews and the media attention encouraged the band to record their firs full length album - the piece of plastic that is now spinning in your stereo.

   It came out in January 2006, entitled “Hollow Stare” and was released through Brutallica Records and distributed worldwide by Golden Lake Productions.

   And, to keep the news hot, the cult English extreme magazine Terrorizer included the 3-part conceptual composition “The Pool” in its March issue Free Candy 26 CD. Oh boy, its 25 000 copies spread worldwide! The album itself contains 10 tracks representing a unique mixture of Atmospheric Dark / Doom / Death Metal flavored with exotic folk elements and the typical for MORTAL REMAINS cold sound and non-standard rhythms. Be sure to read the lyrics, as they are closely connected with the music. This all forms a beautiful combination of melancholy-ridden atmospheric Doom / Death Metal combined with thoughtful lyrics.