The Saint
Low Price
Master Race
Fire Of Madness
The Funeral
I Can Lead You
Inside Me
The Pool
To The Bottom

The Saint
|lyrics by: Misho Mihaylov |
Say your name before God
May he remember it?
Surrender your name
Surrender your body
Surrender your soul
The present is empty and futile
Let's lock it frozen exile
Take my wings and leave me out in the cold
I'll become a madman without a soul
Take me down, let me lie
Next to you on the ground
Let me feel the wind
Let me feel your skin
I like the way you are
Like a sculpture that sometimes radiates
Now silent, now set alright by the sun's rays
You can't run away from the pain of the past
Both in you and me they ever last

|lyrics by: Itzo The Fan |
Holding the tears of the bloodred moon
Drowning in the illusion of your future soon
By the melody of your drunkin past
You'll see her twisted image last
Bless her now, for her sins
Sitting on the throne of the cynic
In the shadow of your shame
Waiting for the next eclipse
The next portion of blooded rain
Her reflection in the mirror lies broken
The pieces scattered in your eyes talking
Shell feels the pain in your endless hope
Shell found her story is a curse untold
Bless her now, for her sins
You feel the dark breeze
Taste the pain it brings
Touch her hollow stare
Swallow that smile that gives away her secret
That she is immortal

Low Price
|lyrics by: Misho Mihaylov |
Pointless is what you say
Don't have to listen to it all
When your words are ashes of your fall
Creeping in my mind and in my soul
Your eyes be forever open wide they are paying all
Memories are gone never wherever you may go
Low price
Low price
Low price
They pay anywhere
Choose your way to go between the light and darkest dreams
Be the son of wind with grace unseen
Blowing to the place you've never been
May you be afraid
I can blame you fuckin state
Why you try to be a bleding spy
Cause you know that you can die
I'll be afraid
I can tell you fucking blade
Why you try to be a bleding spy
Cause you know that you must die

Master Race
|lyrics by: Misho Mihaylov & Emo Manchevski |
Master race you'll be my future
Standing for sacred desire
Master race prevail in the structure
There'll be no more places for the liar
My life is a story
Story of pain
Story of glory
Story of hate
Master race the truth is forever
The mirror shows all that's behind
The world is changing
With the people within
Revolution is breaking
We care for the sin
I cross the line
And take from the cure
Who wants to live
Who wants to die
I cross my mind
My hate goes for you
Master race the truth is forever
The mirror shows all that's behind
Master race don't care for the clever
As we stare we're all blind

The Fire Of Madness
|lyrics by: Misho Mihaylov |
You're my God and I will follow you
Like a vulture in the sky it chase the vital true
Created by a faceless fiend without a passion
Lunatics with hollow stares say about inception
I can't forgive black spell
There's no magic
I'm in hell
There's no magic
Frozen heavens
Thou who never sleep just feel
Frozen heavens
Tame your mind and make it real
The wind is howling by the fire in my head
The sky is so louring by the fire of madness
See your own soul
In the heart of the moll
Take a look at humans' eyes
And get your free disguise
The symbol of death transforms into device of faith
He wants to escape from the endless chain
Fear not rotting brain you lose the sorrow
Helpless in weakness blown by a senseless horror
New species will be found
There is no magic
When he came around
There is no magic
Frozen heavens
Blow away his cover
Frozen heavens
Like there is no other

The Funeral
|lyrics by: Misho Mihaylov |
Rising my soul Pleased by you God
Covered faces may be mocking at
I stare at the remains my pride got hurt
of a twisted reality my honour got blurred
So many times I feel a sweet pleasure
empty memories behind blazing like a treasure
Lines of flowers waited, heavy scent arround
Distant memories created, tears hit the ground
The credence table is creation on the brain
To have an eyeful that you doing bloody stain
Tiny row of mourners walking in a daze
Everybody's minds hide the stone cold face
Slowly marching feet reckoning in ward
the pace of my groovy dying heart
Death's not black get over your fears
Look her bride's gown she'll be your mate down
You either go to Heaven or take Hell
Life's burden, death is sudden spell
Listen to the bells, listen to the bells
Countless scars along my moulder flesh
Listen to the bells, listen to the bells
People going to the mourning poker glad
Listen to the bells, listen to the bells

I Can Lead You
|lyrics by: Misho Mihaylov |
Desire makes you worry
The heart contains the pain
The mind contains the cure
Will you reveal the mystery
If you find her next to you
Let's get an elevation
And become one creation
My pulse pumps life into you
But you are somewhere
Hitching a ride to nowhere
The light turns to darkness
Yet there's still light in the dark
There's never a short cut
To a destination worth reaching
Find the last teardrop and
Paint it back into my eyes searching
Let the fear lead you to me
I can lead you
'Cause the light does not belong to you
Life is a consequence of a wasted union
Marriage of Devil and God
We stand it between
Suffering for other's sins

Inside Me
|lyrics by: Emo Manchevski |
A tortured world I am in
With no care of what is within
My mind and soul are loaded no relief no more
There is no way to take me to the core
They spy in me
Spy inside of me
They cry for me
Die inside of me
Inside me is everything I owe
Inside me to life and death no more
Inside me is where they make me crawl
Inside me I will gain up my fall
Keep all grief inside
Away from everybodies lies
There's no regret for the moments lost
Inside the shell of the mourning host
In this world I live in
I won't share no secret dream
I feel no more none of my human senses
Against my fall I will defend

The Pool
Part I: Reflection |lyrics by: Cuky |
I saw myself in the mirror of time
and I saw a man wearing this black suitcase
With somebodies stollen dreams
Somebody like you or somebody like me
This cannot be me
I don't have a suitcase
I don't even have a name
I spit into the mirror
And I turned my back to fate
Side by side with boredom
To the house of the lonely
Part II: The sword |lyrics by: Cuky |
Cutting up the chains of eternal hate
With thousand tears it shines
Piercing the strenght of hardest steel
of your prevailing lies
On its peak the sun will stand still
Rain of blood will wash away
The gathered years of screaming pain
endless time awaits
As it rises from the world of darkness
Sword of fire
Killing the guilt with roughness
The blind minds will not strive against
The shadow falls on the dark
Roaming stare
Seeking the sight of lonely
vision of decay
Part III: Bequest |lyrics by: P. Yavorov |
Only bequest I leave if I die in peace
Or fighting fair
Don't bury me with others
Into the mud and worms
Holy bequest, holy to be kept
Through fire reduce to ashes
In the middle of a sea of storms and waves
To them entrust my dust to
And my mortal remains

To The Bottom